Thursday, 22 September 2011

Waitrose v Ocado, the Final

Last order, I searched for Special K and got an error page. Oh. Well, I know it is a cereal, so Cupboard -> Food -> Cereals. Even better, it's from Kelloggs, so let's click that button. Hmm, in all the four pages, the only Special K items are the cereal bars. OK, turn off Kellogg in the search. There it is - a pain to find because you can't enter a page number of use a binary search as you only get the closest pages to choose from. Let's order while I can. Hmm, only 500g packets, I'm sure they do a 750. Here's a thought, I see Corn Flakes here, surely the most iconic Kellogg product, not sure it was in the restricted list. Ah, it isn't.

So, site too hard to use, coded by script kiddies wanting to show off rather than people with the customers' interests at heart. Too many mistakes, too slow. I'm out of here.


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