Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Waitrose v Ocado - which one is better - Part 3

Second order from Waitrose. First thing I notice is that my trolley has items in it. It is the last order I made. Interesting. There is an option to tick items and remove them. I guess this will be useful as more and more things become part of a regular order, but there tends to be a lot of variation week to week. This first time I deleted about half the items.
On checking out, the delivery address does not default to my address, even though that is the only one on record. You have to select to use it, then click the radio button next to it. I know it's only two clicks, but strangely irritating.
That time it took me nearly three quarters of an hour. Still slower than Ocado.


Unknown said...

Strange, went back to edit this order (actually did this three times) and the last time the site had forgotten my credit card. The second time I couldn't add anything to the order due to a "technical fault". Which of course I only found out after I'd done the search, clicked add and waited a ..l..o..n..g.. time for the response.

Unknown said...

This from the email confirming the order:
Your Savings
Buy 2 for ?.50 £-1.06
Save 1/3 £-1.00
Buy 4 for ? £-0.88
save 42p £-0.84
Buy 2 for ?.50 £-0.68
Buy 2 for ?.50 £-0.48

something odd about those "?"s

Unknown said...

My son decided to add some stuff to the last order, so he went in to edit it (so he thought) and was most confused when it asked him to specify a delivery time. It turns out he had created a new order, with the trolley contents of the existing one. The only way I could keep his additions was to accept the creation of the new order (fortunately I could still get the delivery time) and cancel the old one.